Tao Long

Created by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi

Tao Long
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6,460 backers pledged €281,529.00 on Kickstarter

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€281,529.00 / 6,460 backers
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Tao 20long 20cotton 20bag 20bk legacy square thumb
Cotton Bag
Beautiful super-sized cotton bag capable of holding all the game tiles.
Tao 20long 20rulebook 20bk legacy square thumb
Translated Physical Rulebook
PDF of these and other languages will be available for free.
Tao 20long 20red 20cloth 20bag 20bk legacy square thumb
The Red Cloth
This 50x50cm red cloth will decorate your table and be the perfect companion for the game.
Tao 20long 20retail 20 2b 20four 20players 20expansion legacy square thumb
Tao Long Retail Edition + Pre-order Bonus
Preorder Tao Long and get the 4 player expansion for free!
Tl smoky playmat legacy square thumb
Smokey Deluxe Play Mat